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The fully documented data from the first twelve survey waves of the German Family Panel are available to researchers from around the globe as scientific use file (current release 12.0).
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The German Family Panel pairfam has started in 2008 with an initial sample of 12,402 randomly selected anchor persons of the three birth cohorts 1991-93, 1981-83, and 1971-73. A restocking and refreshment sample in wave 11 has added the birth cohort 2001-03. Additionally included in the survey are the partners and, from the second wave onwards, also the parents and children of the anchor persons.
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A list of all available data sets, including anchor and alteri data sets, generated data sets and data from the DemoDiff and Stepup subsamples can be found here. Furthermore, regional indicators (microm) can be analyzed on secure workstations set up for visiting researchers. Syntax files to produce reduced data sets for teaching purposes and parardata on the fieldwork are available as well.
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It is announced here if corrections on already published data are necessary. 
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All publications based on pairfam data should include references to both the German Family Panel pairfam and the used data release according to the recommendations specified in the data manual. 
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Please feel free to contact the pairfam user support for any information about data access or data use.   
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