Changes to Data Sets

Since late May 2024 pairfam Release 14.2 is available. The following additions and corrections have been made compared to Release 14.1:

  • missing variables inf7, inf8, inf9 added to data sets anchor11 and stepup_anchor11+transition
  • variable name inc10i16 corrected to inc10i18 in anchor data sets of waves 12 and 13
  • vignette data set anchor12_vig adapted to Technical Paper 19 (Schober et al. 2022) regarding data format and variable names
  • adaptions of some variables in data set Timestamps+duration_W14
  • minor sorting corrections: see Overview Release 14.2

All changes between releases are also documented in detail in the Appendix of the Data Manual.


The following changes have been made between release 14.0 and 14.1:

  • missing variable int23 added to data set anchor14_papi
  • new data set Timestamps+Duration_W14 added (timestamps and duration of modules in wave 14 CAWI & CAPI)
  • new data set Meta_data_W14 added (technical information on the web-based survey process of wave 14 CAWI & CAPI)
  • minor corrections and renaming: see Overview Release 14.1


The following changes have been made between release 9.1 and 9.0:

  • anchor9 and stepup_anchor9+transition: Variable pa3 (meeting new partner; previously wrong assignment of answers)
  • partner8, partner9, and stepup_partner9: Variable pinty (year of data entry)
  • anchor1_DD: Variable siops (prestige scale)
  • anchor4, anchor5, and anchor6: Correction of multiple variables for one case due to an adjustment of information regarding partner and the other parent of the children
  • stepup_anchor9+transition: Correction of one case for the variable mig1i12o (citizenship)


There are no bugfixes for release 13.0, 12.0, 11.0, 10.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, and 5.0.


If you use data from release 4.0 the following bugfix should be applied. The bugfix for release 4.0 modificates the alteri-ID for a few cases in the datasets parenting2, parent2child3, and parenting4. These subsequent corrections became necessary in the course of consistency checks. The essential anchor-ID, however, is not affected. Another change is the removal of one case from parenting4 due to reasons of plausibility.

To put these changes in the datasets into effect you need to download the bugfix file first, then open the relevant syntax for Stata or SPSS, insert the correct datapath to your pairfam data and run the syntax. In case of problems or if you have any questions with regard to the bugfix, please do not hesitate to contact the User Support.
→ Bugfix-Release 4.0