Access to pairfam Data from Survey Waves 1 to 11

The data collected by the German Family Panel pairfam are accessible to the scientific community as scientific use file for scholarly analyses. The current release 11.0 includes the following files:

  • the well-prepared and anonymized pairfam data of the first eleven survey waves (incl. the DemoDiff, sample refreshment and step-up subsamples) in the standard data formats Stata and SPSS (with both English and German labels),
  • all codebooks (in English and German language) and questionnaires as well as a set of overviews of the instruments, the concept paper, the data and the scales manual, the annual method reports, and several other documents .


    To order the scientific use file please proceed as follows:

    • Download the application form or put the German Family Panel study (ZA5678) from the GESIS data catalogue into your shopping cart. In the latter case, the user contract form will be sent to you per email.
    • Enter the requested information on the contract form, sign it, and send it to the pairfam user support office.
    • After the application is approved by pairfam, the scientific use file will be provided by GESIS at a small charge either as download or on CD-ROM (30 €). All relevant information will be given to the applicant via email. For users who already received the previous release of the German Family Panel from GESIS, the download will be free of charge if the new application form is registered by September 30, 2020 at the latest.
    • Please note that B.A./M.A. students may not order the scientific use file using the application form. They can access the data through internal distribution (see below) via their advisor.


    The internal distribution of pairfam data to a third party is authorized only if the other person:

    • works in the context of the research project or the same research institute specified in application form or
    • is a student using the data for theses required by the degree program.

    There is the obligation to complete the distribution form and to inform the pairfam user support about any internal distribution of the data by sending a copy of this document.


    The application form must be completed and sent to our user support for each new release. The distribution contract, however, is valid independently of the specific release version. If you have previously signed a distribution contract with third persons, you are permitted to provide data from the next release to these specific persons without completing a new distribution form.


    The pairfam data can be used for teaching purposes. If students need to get access to the data, reduced datasets have to be used to protect privacy. All users of the 50% teaching version must now sign a form.

    In the scientific use file we provide the syntax required to produce this reduced version from the original data by generating new datasets that contain only 50% of the cases.