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User conferences are held on a regular basis and provide an interdisciplinary forum for the presentation and discussion of recent findings based on pairfam data. The conferences facilitate exchanges among users of German Family Panel data and between users and representatives of the pairfam project. A selection of findings presented at previous user conferences have been published in two edited volumes.
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Specialized, themed conferences bring together scientists from Germany and abroad to discuss recent results and new developments in one of the several focus areas of the German Family Panel.
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In pairfam workshops, participants learn about the structure and use of data from the German Family Panel and acquire specific skills useful for their analysis. Main goal of these workshops is to initiate new users into the pairfam project and to make a contribution to the professional development of young researchers with the help of guest experts.
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In-House Seminars: Our team offers to come to your institution and give an introduction to working with pairfam data, including some practical implications. These workshops are especially designed for groups of at least 10 researchers and master students. The level and specific content can be discussed on an individual basis. If you are interested in hosting an in-house seminar at your institution, please contact our user support.